Our company began in 1926 by supplying farm families with the very best locally-grown animal feed. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot of about the science of animal nutrition which we’ve incorporated into our line of exceptional pet food products.
You may know that Bench & Field was one of the first premium dog foods ever formulated. Our name, Bench & Field, was born from the terms "Bench Show" and "Field Trial," popular exhibitions for canine competitions. The Westminster Dog Show was one of the original "bench shows" that judged purebred dogs on their appearance and obedience. High-end sporting dogs showed off their intelligence, skills and endurance in spirited competitions at "field trial" events. Since 1956, many champions from both types of shows have been raised on Bench & Field Canine Formula.
Today, active dogs—and cats—of all breeds and mixes benefit from the nutrition science developed for our Canine Formula. We strongly believe there is no better nutrition available for the health of your pet than the formulations from Bench & Field.
Just as in 1926, our philosophy is based on the simple, enduring principles of good nutrition. It remains our credo, our heritage and our mission.