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Holistic Natural Feline Treat Nutrition & Ingredients

Finally, a wholesome, healthy treat for daily feeding. Holistic Feline Treats are the right choice for cats of all ages and the owners who love them. Enriched with Omega 6:3 from menhaden oil, this is a treat that cats absolutely love!


“My kitties go crazy over these, they will scream and jump up at me if they know I have them on me. They don’t seem to upset their stomach and they are a nice little treat to give your kitty in between feedings.”

“My cat loves these, and so do I! He suffers from many allergies and these are perfect for him! He comes running when I shake the can! I got these from a friend, and will definitely be buying in future.”


“My cats love these treats. Even the super picky cat who won’t eat most treats unless they’re cheaper ones. No fillers in these and I don’t feel bad giving them a few a day. Totally recommend for all cats.”

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